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Why use Christmas Ecards

Because Christmas Ecards are great!

They will save you money

No need to pay for a designer to design your Christmas ecard and no need to pay for envelopes, printing costs, address printing or postage.
Click here to see our cost comparison chart.

They will save you time
No need to spend hours signing cards, stuffing envelopes, writing addresses or franking. From purchase to completion it takes a maximum of 10 working days. If you are in a hurray you can choose our premium option that takes up to 3 working days.

They can help save the world
Ecards are amazingly eco-friendly.
Click here to read all about that.

They are brilliantly viral
If people like them they will forward them to their friends and family, so your brand is bound to be seen by more people than your original contact list.

They offer a direct link to your website
Clicking your business logo on the Ecard will take the viewer directly to your specified web address.

They are completely trackable
So you can calculate your ROI (return on investment) and the spread of your message and brand, Wishawish embeds two tracking codes in your Christmas Ecard. One monitors the number of people viewing the Ecard and the other monitors the number of people clicking the card to get to your website.

They are fun!
They move, they sing, they dance, they can be interactive, funny or simply beautiful.

They help you advertise your good side
You can donate some of the money you save to charity. If you do, we can put a notice on your Ecard advertising your generosity.


Click here to read a bit more about advertising your charity.

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