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Send a Charity Ecard

You are going to save a lot of money!

Sending an Ecard saves on stationery, printing and postal costs, not to mention the time saved by your staff not having to sign cards, stuff envelopes and print addresses. That's why many of our customers choose to give a bit back to charity. It's a win win situation - you make a charity happy, you feel good and your clients get to know that generous side of you and support your decision to use an Ecard.

It is not up to us to say who you should donate to or how much, we feel that donating to charity is something very personal. But we also think it should be celebrated.

Tell us about it and we will add it to your Ecard. Give us as little or as much information as you want us to add to your Ecard.

We had Ecards saying -  
"The money we have saved by sending you this e-card has been donated to the Hurricane Katrina Red Cross Relief Fund so that victims of this devastating disaster can share a joyous holiday too!"

And some simply saying -
"This Ecard enabled us to donate to our favourite charity."

Or even just -
"Supporting the NSPCC."

Give the gift of giving
Why not go one step further-
Let your customers decide who you donate to.

TheBigGive have come up with a fantastic idea-
Charity vouchers. You add them to your Ecard campaign (as a code in your Email) and let your customers donate it to any of the 4,700 charities registered on theBigGive.

We think this is a great idea! And also a brilliant website, even if you just want ideas on who to support and what.

To find out more click through to- theBigGive.org.uk
Or email them - info@thebiggive.org.uk

What is it going to look like?
We think this is important enough to be seen constantly and so we place this message on the holding page under your actual Ecard. That way you have as much space to write whatever you need to and the message is always there.

charity flower charity flower charity flower Your message will also have the money flower symbol next to it. This little icon is getting known as a symbol to denote charity donation and can either look like a pound sterling, euro or dollar sign.

How do I do it?
If you want to add your charity notice, tell us all about it when you purchase your Ecard. On the customisation page you will have the option to select your ‘money flower’ currency and to add your message.

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