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Services and extras

So what does each and every service and extra mean exactly?

Lets start with all the services included with your basic eCard.

1. Customisation / re-branding of the eCard you have chosen from our library
This is naturally things like adding your logo or changing colours to fit your brand colours, but it can also be more weird and wonderful things like- adding signatures or animating a message to rotate through different languages.
Click here or here to read more about what we can and have changed
Or click here to simply view some examples of eCards to get some inspiration.

2. A holding page for your eCard
Your eCard will be hosted by us and placed on a holding page.
Click here to see an example of one

3. One file format - Flash or Video
Flash can be interactive, is a smaller file size but is not viewable on iPhones, iPads and some other tablets and smart phones
Video is viewable on almost all hand held devices (including iPhones and iPads) but can not be interactive.
Click here to read more about which file type you should opt for and about our mobile support.

4. Unlimited tweaks once the initial design is finished
Well, that is simple :) - Once you see the finished version you can send it back to us if there is anything you would like to change. We will change it and we will send it back to you for approval, and you can send it back if you changed your mind and so we go back and forth until you are 100% happy.

5. Unlimited sends
Another simple one :) you can send your eCard to 15 or 15,000 the price stays the same.
You see, we do not send the emails with the link to your eCard out for you. You do that yourself, using what ever email sending system you have in place.

So, as we are not involved in sending the emails out, we don't see any reason to charge you for the number of people you will be sending out to. We simply charge you the one off fee for the 11 month licence to use the eCard we create for you, in whatever way you chose.

** If you don't have a system in place you can click here to read about the options available to you and we will also be super happy to guide you through the options and help you choose the right system for your business. 

6. A basic analytics tool to follow how your eCard is performing
You will get a unique URL address with a statistics page which will collect and display data about your eCard. You will be able to see - How many people viewed your eCard, on what dates, where in the world they came from, what did they click to get to your eCard - was it the link in your email? or a link from your facebook page, or a client's facebook page.

7. 11 months licence
You can use your eCard for 11 months from the day it receives final approval by you.
If by next Christmas you decide that you actually want to re-use the eCard and not create a new one, you can purchase a 12 month extension.

8. Charity message
If you are supporting a charity (or charities) we will add a free note and links to their page on your holding page. We can also add a little 'money flower' icon next to the message to highlight the issue.
Click here to see an example of where that message, link and flower will show.

9. Delivery in 10 working days
You will a link to your finished eCard on your customised holding page within 10 working days from the day you placed your order.



1. Delivery in 7 days
The 7 day delivery is actually delivery within a week- so 7 'natural' days, including weekends :) 

2. Delivery in 72 hours
This super fast turnaround time is also regardless of working or non-working days. Choosing this delivery slot will mean that if you order your eCard on the Friday for example you will get your eCard ready for you on the Monday.

3. Dual file type.
So your eCard is made both as a flash animation and as a Video and placed on a 'smart' holding page that can detect and deliver the best version for the viewer. 

4.Social links
We will add a [Like] button for facebook, a [Tweet] button for twitter and a [Share] button for everything else.
If you buy a Flash version the buttons will sit above your animation,
If you buy a Video version they will sit under your animation.
You can click here to see an example of a holding page with the social links above the animation.

5. A static image with a faded play button to use as a link to your eCard.
You can set your email up so clicking this image will take your readers to your eCard.
Below are a few example of such images. We can make then to what ever dimensions you ask.
They can be of an interesting point in your eCard creating curiosity and enticing a click- like the cannon ball flying towards the dominos or a message calling you to switch the wind turbines on and see what happens. Or they can simply be lovely visuals of your greeting and card.
Using a static image in your email has two major advantages :

  1. It provides an intuitive visual prompt for your viewers, basically we have all been so conditioned to click an image with a faded play button we recognise it immediately and we click it without even thinking. 
  2. This visual can also act as a Christmas card on it's own. So if people who don't click through still get a lovely image with your greeting.


6. Removing all of wishawish branding
There are two very subtle mentions of wishawish on the card and landing page.

  1. The landing page has a faded image of an envelope with a faint Wishawish logo on it.
  2. Every Flash eCard has a discrete 'credits' button on the bottom right corner. Clicking it will bring up the copyright notice. Every Video card has the word wishawish.com on it’s bottom bar.

We can remove all these.

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