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September sale


Hello again :)   and thank you for checking out our September deal, you will love it!

In order for your discount to work - all the bonuses we are giving you have to be selected when you buy. Don't worry we made it easy for you and they are all selected as a default option, just be aware of that.

If you don't need one of the bonuses we are giving-
For example you prefer a flash version of your eCard only and don't need a video version,
Just let us know in the 'alternative message' field, don't change the selection to something cheaper because it will stop the coupon from working.

If you want to change a selection to something more expensive
For example you would like to have your eCard finished in 3 days
Then just select it - as long as it is more expensive then the extra, your discount coupon will work.

If you are not the only one deciding on the design and are worried there is no way you can get everyone's approval in time for the deal's deadline.
Then, don't worry about it.

We will be happy to give you 14 days extra to finalise your choice!

Go to the website and in the search box on the top right of your screen-
type the number 14, You should be presented with an option called:
“14 Days to decided on your eCard choice” click that. 

If you can't find it there, then go anywhere on the site, except our homepage, and on the left side of your screen you should see a drop down called 'Christmas eCards' and under it a box called 'Specific extras' (if you can't see it then either scroll down or collapse the 'Christmas eCards' list of options).
Click the 'Specific extras' box and you should find the “14 Days to decided on your eCard choice” product. 

If you buy this product, which has no specific eCard design attached to it, we will give you 14 days to make your finial selection. Simply email us once you know which eCard design you want to customise and we will take it from there. (Your 7 day delivary will obviusly start from the day you give us your final eCard choice)

Easy as that :)

If you have any other questions, problems, feedback
As always just either drop us a line, or call us or if you preffer, skype us on skype name : wishawish.com

All the best

And lovely to see you again!

Yael and the Wishawish team.


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