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Pricing for tailor made ecard designs

First thing first-

All eCards cost the same, and we don't charge per send

the price is made up of two elements-
     A) The basic price of an eCard customisation
     B) Any extras you might want to add.

A) The basic cost of an eCard is £380
This includes:

  1. Customisation / re-branding of the eCard you have chosen from our library
  2. A holding page for your eCard
  3. One file format - Flash or Movie
  4. Unlimited tweaks once the initial design is finished
  5. Unlimited sends 
    * We do not send the eCard out for you.
  6. A basic analytics tool to follow how your eCard is performing
  7. 11 months licence
  8. If you are supporting a charity we will add a free note and links to their page on your holding page.
  9. Delivery in 10 working days

** You can find a detailed description of what every item means on our Services and extras page **

B) You can add any or non of these extras:

  1. Delivery in 7 days  +£160  
  2. Delivery in 72 hours + 240   
  3. Dual file type, so your eCard is made both as a flash animation and as a movie and placed on a 'smart' holding page that can detect and deliver the best version for the viewer.  + £120 
  4. Social links ('Like', 'Tweet' and eMail) on your holding page  +£19    
  5. A static image with a faded play button to use as a link to your eCard
    Can be made in any dimensions +£24    
  6. Removing all of wishawish branding  +£180  

** You can find a detailed description of what every extra means on our Services and extras page **

We also have a few supporting products:

  • A static banner to advertise the link to your eCard +24
  • An animated banner to advertise the link to your eCards +30
  • Both a static and an animated banner to advertise the link to your eCard +45
  • 12 month extension on your licence +160

We do not charge per click.

As we are not involved in the eMailing proses, we do not feel like we should be charging you per click.
So feel free to send to as many as you want.

A note about VAT.

We are not VAT registered, therefor £380 means £380 no extra VAT on top. As we divide the profits between the artists who create the cards and customise them and all the other people in the team, many people share in the benefit from every card sold. That means that there is no one-big-name that rakes in the money and the profit and so no need to register for VAT. We love working like that for two main reasons:

  1. It means everyone is happy :) Our artists get paid the most out of every sale so they are happy to create the best looking eCards out there, which makes us and our clients (and their clients) happy.
  2. We stay affordable even to smaller companies who are themselves not VAT registered, and possibly can only afford a solution like ours.

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