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Mobile Ecards

Almost all our eCards are mobile friendly!

That means your contacts can view your Ecard using their mobile phone!
Yes iPhones and iPads as well!

The only eCards that aren't mobile friendly are the interactive ones.


How do I make sure the eCard you make me is viewable on mobiles?

You ask for it :)

When you buy your eCard online you will get an option called <file version / view-abiliy> to either have your eCard as a Flash animation or a iPhone / iPad compatible Video version. Simply choose the version you want us to make your eCard in.

Flash = Not viewable on some mobiles
Video = Viewable on all smart phones and tablets.

What are the differences between the two versions?

Flash -

Pro: Can be interactive. So at any point in the animation, clicking your logo will take the user to your chosen page. Also it means we can create interactive games for you.

Cons: Is not viewable on all mobile phones, notably, any Apple device (iPhones and iPads) will not be able to view it. (However Flash is viewable on almost 100% of all desktop and laptop browsers)

Video -

Pro: Is viewable on all smart-phones and all desktop and laptops. Basically if it can see something like youtube, it can see your eCard.

Cons: No interactivity. The only time clicking the eCard will do something is on the absolute last frame of the animation. Once your eCard reaches the last frame, clicking it will take your viewers to where ever you want to lead them.

What is the difference in cost?

There is non.
You can choose one or the other and the price is the same,

If however you want to have both of them then it is an extra £120.
This means we will create a smart holding page that will deliver the relevant file format to the relevant viewer. In other words if the page detects that the user has the ability to view flash it will show them the flash version, if it can not detect a flash plugin, it will show them the video version.

Why should I care about mobile view-ability? Or in other words- which version should I go for?

It all depends on who you are sending the eCard to.

Are they mostly at work and will they most probably watch this on their desktops?   Send them Flash

Do they tend to check their emails on their mobile?    Send them a Video

Do you need them to interact?    Flash

Do you mind if they can only click at the end? No?    Video

Do you fancy sending them a game?    Flash

Roughly- Flash is better if interactivity is important to you, otherwise go with Video.

How come I can't see all of your collection when I look at the wishawish.com website on my mobile device?

Well there is the shop front – which is Wishawish.com
and there is the service we give you – which will be your customised eCard.

The shop front is currently being upgraded to allow for video, some of our eCards are already converted, some are not yet.

Your specific eCard is completely separate and is not going to be displayed in our shop, but on it's own special holding page, designed specifically for mobile view. So don't worry about that :) It is going to look awesome!

Is my eCard going to be on youtube?

No it wont.
We host our eCards on a hosting service (Wistia) that is better suited for corporate use and is more discreet.
We can however host your eCard on youtube if you wish us to. Just get in touch and we can discuss options.

A note about our Portrait shaped eCards

Any of our eCards that is displayed in a portrait layout (rather than landscape) will still be available at a mobile friendly version but it will have to be changed to a landscape design. So it will look slightly different than what you see on our site but similar enough for you to know it is the right design for you.


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