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Flash animated ecards

Animated ECards!
Whats so special about animated?!

The simple answer is – EVERYTHING!!! it's just brilliantly special!

It grabs your attention, it sends a message, it can entertain, it can tell a story (so very important) and in marketing terms- 

  • It gets your audience looking for longer,
  • Sharing with their friends and
  • Attaching a positive enjoyable vibe with your brand.


We create both Corporate christmas flash eCards – offering interactivity, click tracking and small file size, as well as Video eCards for mobile viewing – displayed on your own branded landing page.

Our flash animated eCards and video eCards are created with you in mind, (I know it sounds like a cliché but it is true!) We want our animated eCards to work for you and for your company.

What does it mean?

It means all of the animated eCards we create puts your logo and brand in the centre-
So we are not simply creating “animated eCards with company logo”
we are creating a tailor made unique eCard around your logo and brand.

for example:

  1. We try and have your logo in the animation as much as we can, if possible as a 'character'
  2. There is room on the last frame of every animated e card to have your logo as big as possible
    and centre stage
    while still keeping inside the eCard's 'story' / theme.
  3. We will always see if we can animated your logo
  4. Most animations have elements specifically designed to be changed to fit your brand (like the colour of the baubles or lights on a tree or outfit of a character)
  5. Every animation has the ability to change colours
  6. Almost all of our flash eCards and video eCards can have their message changed and animated
  7. All digital greeting cards can be changed to be multilingual. We have a collection of greetings in many languages which we have asked our friends at lingo24 to translate for us (so you know they are trustworthy).
  8. We are open to suggestions! Tell us what you want and as nothing is automated we can most possibly do it!

And because we create both flash eCards and video ecards, you can make sure all your users will be able to see it- so if you know most of your connections are using their mobile devices to view your chrostmas e Cards you can make sure it is mobile compatible. And if you know most of your contacts are using their work desktop or laptops then you can stick with the more interactive smaller file size flash version of your company ecard. And if you want to cover all bases- just get one of our responsive landing pages which will change the content according to the system being used to view it :) Simple. More about eCards for mobile here.

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