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Before you buy

How much does this cost?

+ A customised eCard (with no limit on tweaks)
+ customised landing page
+ tracking system
+ direct website links (on flash eCards only)
+ Charity donation messages links and logos if relevent
+ unlimited number of recipiants
+ delivary in 3 days
= £620.

But if you can wait 7 working days for delivery instead of 3 you get all the above for only= £540.

And if you can wait 10 working days then it's just = £380.

Besides that there are a few optional extras avaliable like-
A static image to add to your eMail as a link at - £24
or Social media links and images at only - £19

For a full list of all prices, add ons and extras click here.

How many people can I send my Christmas eCard to – how much is it?

As many as you want we don't charge per send.

Can I see the finished Christmas ecard before I buy?

First of all you have a pretty good idea of what your Christmas card will look like as you are choosing an almost finished design,
and secondly once we finished customising it we will go back and forth tweaking it until you are 100% happy.

However unlike most other companies when we say customisable (or customizable as our many US customers like to say :) we mean that we actually customise your e-card by hand.
We don't just add your logo, we properly integrate it. 
This does mean that it takes time (3-10 days) and that you can't see the finished work before purchasing. 

The absolute best thing about this though is- that the finished quality of the e-Card is at the bespoke- tailor made level.
We will physically change colours, fonts and themes inside your chosen design, add animations or backgrounds if relevant, all to 'colour-in' your eCard with your brand. We basically use the design as a starting point to tailor the finished eCard to your company's own look and feel.

No two customisations are alike. 

You can read more about our customization scope here.

How long does it take (or- it is December the 15th arrrhhh) ?

It can take between 10 to 3 days.

If you buy the basic delivery your eCard will take up to 10 working days.
If you need it quicker, then our standard delivery will take up to 7 working days.
If it is urgent then our premium delivery will take up to 3 days, that's ANY DAYS - weekends included.

Please leave a couple more days just in case you have some tweaks and changes you want to make after you have seen the customized eCard.

Why can't I have my Christmas eCard ready the same day?

Unlike most other companies when we say customisable e-cards we mean we actually customise your ecard by hand (a designer's hand), and nothing is done automaticly.
That means we don't just add your logo, we integrate it - and that takes time, but only  3-10 days.

Thanks to that however, the finished quality of the eCard is at the bespoke, custom made level.
We physically change colours, font and themes inside an eCard to fit your brand, we animated your logo if it is suitable and so on. We basically use the design as a starting point to tailor the finished eCard to your company's own look and feel.

No two customisations are alike.

You can read more about it here.

Can my custom eCard be seen on a smart mobile phone- iPhone, iPod or an Android?

Most of them yes.

In order to allow for mobile viewing we offer "hand-held-device friendly" versions of our entire library.
So you can chose whether you want the flash version - which is interactive and smaller or the "youtube" - video version which is viewable on any mobile device including the iPhone and the iPad.
We also offer a dual version where we place your e-Card on a smart, reponsive page that delivers the right version to the right device.

Unfortunately youtube does not support movies in portrait and can not deliver interactivity so our interactive e-Cards and our portrait animations are only available in adobe flash version.
For those e-Cards we offer a static image alternative for your e Card that will show up if the e-Card is being viewed on a non-supported device.

If you want some advice about which option is best for you we wrote a blog post about it here to help you. It will also offer some background about the whole flash V apple issue and why there are now at least two versions for everything online.

Or you can always give us a ring on- +44 208 8168687

After you buy

What if I don't like the final design?

You will!

You will because:
A. By choosing a base design from our collection you will have a rough idea of what your card will look like, and most importantly-
B. We will tweak the customised version as many times as you want until you are completely happy with it.

What if after you customise it, I find a mistake I made or I change my mind?

No problems.

As long as you don't want to change your choice of e Card we will change and tweak the customised eCard until you are completely happy with it.

We understand that sometimes you can only know what you want after you see the bespoke version.

What if I don't like the music?

We can change it.

If you've heard another piece of music that you like more on another eCard in our collection we will be happy to swap them.
If you have your own music we will also be happy to add it as long as you hold the rights to use it.

There are only a couple of eCards that can't have the music changed- the info in their popup will clearly say that.

Can you send my Christmas eCard for me?

One of the first rules of email marketing is consistency, and we can't ignore the fact that as much as we love you, we will probably only hear from you around Christmas time :).

And so we really don't want to offer something that might effect your chances for a truly awesome response, so sorry we can't, but we can definitely help with advice.

Most of our clients already have some sort of email marketing system in place and if you do, we strongly recommend to carry on with what you already have.
However if you don't already send your newsletters yourself then you should really look to an email marketing company to handle all your emailing needs or go with one of the many online services out there. Good eMail marketing is an art form, so if you need some advice and recommendations we wrote a free guide for you here.

The Greeting

I need a multilingual Christmas greeting ecard

No problem.

If your message is a simple 'Merry Christmas' , 'Season's greetings' or 'Happy new year' we have those phrases translated for us by our friends at Lingo24 into 47 different languages. Just tell us which ones you want and we will make your greeting cycle through them.

If you have something more complicated, then we will probably need you to provide the translation but we will happily add it all in for you.

The ecard says "Merry Christmas" and I want it to say "Season's greetings"?

All eCards except 2 (and they are clearly marked) can have the message in them changed to anything you want.
Please look at the greetings in our designs as a suggestion- they can all be changed to anything you want- in fact they can also be changed or rotate through any other languages.

What should I say?- "Merry Christmas" or "Season's greetings"?

Very good question!
We wrote a whole chapter just about that (Chapter 8) inside our free Marketing with eCards guide.


Aren't eCards sole-less alternative to paper?

No!- eCards are not an alternative to paper.
At least not the paper card most people have in mind when comparing.

No e-Card can replace the thoughtful Christmas card your Grandmother wrote you (and the fiver in it), or the hand made card your nephew made at nursery. But corporate ecards are not here to replace those. Let's be honest, a paper card, no matter how gorgeous sent from your bank will not end up hanging on your tree. It might, at best, end up in the recycling bin. An eCard however, might ofer a virtual, immediately actionable 'fiver', or a link, or might end up 'hanging' on a client's facebook page and lead to unplanned views and new leads. What it definitely wont do is waste paper, petrol or time.

But you can't hang an eCard on your Christmas tree!

Well you can :) as long as the tree is virtual as well.

We made the Wishatree - a free desktop application for exactly that-
have your tree sit on your computer desktop, decorate it as you like and drag every e card you get onto it to have all your eCards in one place :)

Feel free to offer this app for free to your customers, add a like to it from your business website or give it away on your facebook page. All we ask is that you don't charge for it, just like we don't.

Here is a link to it – The Wishatree.

Download your FREE guide to Marketing with Christmas Cards