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Email Sending

Once your Ecard is ready you will then need to send an email to everyone on your contact list to invite them to view your Ecard.  If you don't run your own Email Marketing campaigns, or have a managed Email marketing service in place than we would recommend checking one of the following email marketing service providers-

Do-It-Yourself Email send providers
Managed Email send providers

Wishawish Email Add-on:

Wishawish offer an Email Add-on for £150 which enables you to add a personal message next to your eCard. You can send to 6 people at a time. This is a system built originally for the use of Charities. You can click here to read more about it.

Do-It-Yourself Email Send:

More time consuming less expensive

What is it: An online software. These are companies who give you access to an online email sending programme on a pay-per-send fee. You design your own emails (from scratch or from a long list of easily customisable templates); you upload your email list to your private (very secure) account and send campaigns whenever you want. After that you have access to a range of statistics and follow up reports. You pay only according to the amount of Emails you send.

Who is it for: Budget conscious companies who are comfortable with operating their own technology and doing send-report analysis in-house. These online services are very easy to use, and all companies offer great level of support. Once you set your templates you will find it easier and easier to send out campaigns.

Pros: cheaper, complete control over your budget, complete control over your design, really easy to use.
Cons: Time consuming as you do most of the work and your own analysis, some small limits to your designs, not as bespoke reporting as managed accounts.

These guys are the leading in the field -

Mail Chimp   Constant Contact --> Your Email Marketing Manager

Managed Email Send:

More expensive less time consuming

What is it: a company who manages all your Email campaign needs. You give them your list and talk to them about your needs and they design your Emails, send them and then collect and analyse the data in order to constantly improve your success rate. They generally give you a dedicated account manager who gets to learn your needs and give you bespoke service.

Who is it for: Companies with a budget for email marketing who want to have a dedicated campaign manager who’s speciality is maximising email campaign effects. Also companies who can’t afford the time to properly analyse their own Email campaigns, and want it done by an emailing professional.

Pros: Less time consuming, more tailor made, dedicated account managers who know all about email marketing optimisation and the constantly changing email trends.
Cons: More expensive, out-of-house.

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