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Ecards are Eco-friendly

Ecards are Eco-friendly. Wishawish- the eCard company -Animated Customisable Corporate Christmas eCards for Business and organizations
Ecards are amazingly eco-friendly!
During Christmas 2006 we saved just over a ton of paper through emailing Ecards.
The eco benefits of Ecards are huge:

eco friendly
No paper -
No cards, no junk mail, no envelopes or stamps
No ink - 
To print your designs or to print your address or even to sign each card
No postal delivery trucks -
No petrol use, no carbon emissions and no contribution to the postal backlog
No postal delivery aeroplanes -
No carbon emissions or travel miles
No time energy and recourses wasted -
No brain storming / story boarding / creative agency meetings to come up with a design, Non of your staff sitting in the meeting room stuffing envelopes and signing cards for two days

And at Wishawish we take it that extra step that makes all the difference:

Yes carbon neutral hosting -

Ecard viewing means large bandwidth requirement and they are all covered by our eco-friendly, greener hosting solutions through Rackspace
Yes ethical trading -
International artists in all sizes, ages, colours, sexs and favorite songs, home based working when possible, ethical payment structure

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