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Ecards with Businesss Logo

Here is an example of an Ecard we have made in the past, so you can see the type of customisations we do, and what you can expect your animated Ecard to look like.

All the customisations in this example were included in the standard Ecard price and did NOT cost any extra.

Case study:

WiseTiger chose to customise Ecard number 604901- "Wind Turbines"

Before:               After:
christmas ecard before   christmas ecard after


WiseTiger provide on-line and off-line communication services. As such their own design look is very important to them. The first thing we made sure of, when customising their Ecard, was that the WiseTiger log and brand colours were present in every stage possible: From the loading page through the sky background colour to the lights on the tree. To completely ‘WiseTiger’ the Ecard, they asked us to add the companies’ mascot to the page, which we were happy to do. The result was a completely bespoke looking, branded Ecard.To maximise their Ecard’s impact WiseTiger also asked us to help advertise the their charitable contributions by adding a comment with links to their favourite charities under the Ecard. To take it all even further and make the most out of the Ecard, WiseTiger, using their own in-house team, created a Christmas special page on their own website making sure clicking the Ecard linked to that page (This page is now off-line).
  customisable corporate ecard

Changes made:

christmas corporate ecard The loading page is using brand coloured stars. customisable ecard The tree lights are changed to brand colours corporate Ecard WiseTiger asked for a 'Money Flower’ logo, message and links to their favourite charities.
corporate christmas ecard The WiseTiger mascot added to the scene customisable corporate ecards The sky background is changed to brand colours corporate ecards The holding page has brand colour borders and the send to a friend button.
customisable ecards The message changed size and into brand colours        


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