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Corporate ecards


The Wishawish service has been created especially for the b2b and b2c corporate Christmas communication market and it's very particular niche needs. We have been creating Christmas business eCards (and other e cards) since 1998 and the Wishawish idea of making a collection of corporate Christmas eCards came out of the knowledge we have gained and the need we observed for affordable customisable eCards for companies (or as our American friends like calling it - customizable business eCards :)).


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So what does it mean to have a service specifically for the business eCard world?
Well, first of all, in our opinion it is-

1. Customer service!
We are here to serve you and make sure you and the people receiving your Christmas business eCard are happy. If you have any question, call us or email us-
+44 (0)208 8168687   (London UK)
info@wishawish.com or look us up on Skype- wishawish.com or Chat to Yael (our Director) on Linked in - uk.linkedin.com/in/yaelbiranwishawish

In order to make your life easier and your clients happy our service has-

2. Super flexible design customised by hand!
Every company and every business is a different world. Here, one size definitely DOES NOT fit all. Our collection is not a collection of finished Christmas greeting eCards but a flexible base which we fully dress with your brand.  Which is why the finished busineseCard is practically a bespoke eCard. No two customizations look alike. You can read more about our tailor-made eCards here,  or see some examples of the generic eCard design before customisation versus the finished corporate xmas card.

3. You get to tweak till the reindeer come home or until everyone is happy.
We understand that sometimes more than one person needs to make a decision, we also understand that sometimes you don't see what you want until you see what you don't want, and we also understand that anyone can make spelling mistakes :) So once you get the finished eCard and inspect it, we will allow for tweaks and changes until everyone loves it

4. Multilingual multicultural help and advice.
If your contact list is diverse and multicultural we are very happy to change any message to fit your audience. We can make your message cycle through different languages and our collection has many "less christmassy" more inclusive corporate christmas eCards designs  We can also help with your corporate greetings as we have a small dictionary for the main christmas greetings in over 40 languages.

5. Free extras to boost your image.
We offer free charity branding and links to the charity of your choice. The landing page for your card is also branded as eco-friendly.

6. iPhones and iPads and other mobile devices compatibility.
We offer our corporate Christmas cards in video or flash versions, as well as static and in email versions.  so what ever your audience is we have an option for them to see. More about mobile phones here

7. You get a great little statistics tool. 
So you can check the impact your eCard is making

8. You get a massive range of styles. 
We work with over 60 different artists from all over the world so we have many different styles for you to chose from- with that variety you are bound to find the right card for your company  

9. Ultimately - it is super easy!
You tell us what you want and we do all the leg work (well, finger work really) and give it to you after 10 (or 3) days.    You love it, everyone you send it to loves it, they all talk about it and we all have a great December! :)

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