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Corporate Charity Christmas eCards

If you are a charity - There is so much we can do to help you!

Selling printed Christmas cards is a very important method for fundraising,
but it has it's limitations-

  1. They take time to produce,
  2. They take space to keep
  3. They need a system around them for receiving payments, and sending orders out
  4. They are finite.

And they are missing two key expansion potentials:

  1. Once they get to their destination and if the recipient likes them it is probably too late for them to go and buy some cards for their own use, and then they need to keep their effect for a whole year if they are to influence the recipient's choice for next Christmas.
  2. They do not take advantage of the new ways of communication.

Wishawish's eCard system is the online answer to Charity Christmas cards.
Wishawish's eCard sending system is here to solve all the problems above and add a vital
'hand's free' fundraising tool for your tool belt.

The wishawish eCard sending system offers an animated eCard (or three) for your supporters to personalise and send to their friends and family.
And it comes with some massive benefits:

  1. It needs minimal effort from your side. Just fill in a customisation order with a list of questions (like- what colour would you like it in) and we do the rest.
  2. It is installed and hosted on our servers so you also do not need any IT advice on your side.
  3. Once installed this system simply generates donations without any need for intervention on your side.
  4. The system works with your existing donation engine.
  5. Not only does it encourage donation, it also encourages people to join your mailing list.
  6. Almost every aspect of this system is customisable to allow a comprehensive 'brand' injection. From controlling the colour, the look of your donate button and calls to action on the system to controlling the signature messages inside the eMails sent by the users to their friends.
  7. This system is 'share-able' people who use it can 'like' it on facebook or “tweet” about it in twitter

So what does it do and what does it look like?
Well you can start by looking at a system we created for the MSA Trust here- http://www.wishawish.com/wishawisher/send-card/msatrust

The best things is- To celebrate the launch of this wonderful system
we are giving it away for FREE with the purchase of one eCard. This includes:

  1. Unlimited licence to use the system
  2. Customisation of the system and the emails that it generates
  3. Adding your eCard to it.
  4. Up to 2 more static images supplied by you added to the system.

The only requirements we have are that:

  1. You are a registered Charity
  2. You already use an online donation system
  3. You have an Email address that will receive all 'subscribe' requests.

So come on- GET IT NOW!
you have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

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