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The Importance of Mobile: Email and Ecard Marketing [infographic]

With smarter than ever smartphones and online activity becoming more interactive and accessible it’s no surprise that marketers are concentrating more and more on mobile.

In fact ‘28% of Internet usage comes from a mobile phone’ source: MobileWebRockStar

That’s why with every marketing campaign you run you have to be thinking about mobile users. But what does this mean for email marketing and corporate ecard marketing? Well it means you have to be mobile friendly, ecards that work on mobiles!

Recent research from ReturnPath suggests that mobile email open rates have increased by a massive 300% over the past two years and that more people now read their email than make calls on a mobile device.

At WishAWish we understand the importance of ecard to mobile phone and how a lot of your recipients from your corporate ecard campaign will open your ecard via mobile device. That’s why all of WishAWish’s non-interactive ecards are mobile phone compatible, in other words able to send ecards to mobile phones.  So your clients can view their animated ecard any time, any where and on any device!

Want to understand more about the importance of mobile? Check out the infographic below.

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Marketers, don’t miss the mobile email bus (Infographic) - courtesy of TotalSend.com

Infographic courtesy of Total Send Email Marketing

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