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Creative Marketing : Why you need to make your business stand out

Every business knows that marketing is key to promoting a business and getting conversions, and the great thing about marketing is that you can be creative with it! In fact, in many cases the more creative you are in your marketing efforts, the more successful your business.

If you think about it, everyone is fighting for advertising space. Ask yourself, do you want your marketing efforts to be something someone just glances over or something that actually makes a connection?! A  recent survey found that:

“We’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970s to as many as 5,000 a day today.”

Jay Walker-Smith, Yankelovich Consumer Research

So as marketers or managers you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd and you need to do it without spending a fortune.

Writing company the Writer, says: ‘Every boring piece of writing is a missed opportunity to touch, cajole or surprise’

Clever stuff, eh? Well, we think the same could be said for marketing.

Great, creative, marketing can take many forms in this digital age from clever social media, to infographics to six second Vine videos, to our favourite – ecards!

Business Ecard marketing can be a clever way to make your brand really stick in your clients’ or potential clients’ mind. With animation you can really make an emotional connection, if you’ve seen Disney’s Up you’ll understand exactly what I mean. The sounds, the colours the fun and entertaining images can be very powerful and resonant.

wishawish ecards

Customisable ecards also make great advertising tools because they are immediate, inexpensive, personalised and although sent via email, SPAM free.

At wishawish we have a range of animated ecards styles to suite any business of any tone. We work with you to define your goals of your marketing campaign whether that’s to increase sales, enhance brand promotion or to get sign ups.

Also we work across devices – including ecards for mobile, so no matter where your recipients access their ecard they will be able to view it in all its glory.

So make your company stand out with some clever, creative marketing and talk to us about your Christmas ecard campaign.

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