Interview with WishAwish animator: Fiely Matias

Fiely Matias is one of Wishawish’s ecard animators. In this interview Fiely explains, how his Fiely Matias Animatorpassion for ecards was formed with the creation of the GIFs when the internet first started

Describe your current occupation?

I am currently a freelance graphic animator and freelance actor/director

What do you love most about animation and how did you get involved?

I love drawing and animating because, it’s one of my passions! And when you do your passion all is wishawish animator quotewell with the world! I love it when my art can make someone in the world smile or chuckle. It’s really what it’s all about..making a positive impact in our world no matter how small.

As a child I used to draw by hand. I never thought I was good…and I never had enough patience. I studied journalism and theatre in school and never drew until my thirties. I was in between acting jobs…and I bought a computer. At that time the internet just started and animated gifs were all over the place. I was fascinated with the fact that these small moving images! Most of the gifs were made with very few cels and they just looped. So I started doing research on my own, how these were made. The fact that they were very easy to make fed my interest even more.

I then started downloading free software trial that helped create gifs. Well that was it. After a while…I started drawing my own creations. And since I am competitive by nature…I started entering contests….I lost at first…but then I started winning. What I loved about digital drawing was that it was so much easier to edit and get my vision done. In some ways it was harder…but I was really fascinated by the digital medium. Ultimately I taught myself Flash and 3D animation…which is what my focus is today. The internet was great in that…every tutorial you can think of exists…and it also a great place to showcase your art to the world!

What are some of your favourite projects you’re proud to have been a part of?

For the last few years I have been freelancing for a software company They have a created a system to help teach reading to kids. I love that I am part of such a cool project that helps the future!

You’ve created ecards such as ‘Bouncing Santa’ and ‘Ocean Christmas’ for WishAwish. Why do you enjoy working for WishAWish – the Christmas Corporate Ecard Company?

bouncing santa ecardWishawish is a company born out of passion and such a wonderful, nurturing place for animators! SO supportive and so caring. They also have some of the best internet animators…so  to be part of that group is such an honor!


ocean christmas ecard






What do you like to do when you’re not animating?

I love to do yoga and I am a foodie! Love to EAT! I also am working directing a new musical comedy show that is slated to go Off-Broadway next year. I helped create the show and my FB fanpage is

disenchanted musical

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