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Save money at Christmas: Eco-Friendly Ecards VS Paper

One of the biggest downsides of paper or greetings cards is their wasteful nature! According to an article by the BBC up to one billion cards and 83 square km of wrapping paper will be thrown away this Christmas. That’s enough rubbish to fill 400,000 double-decker buses!

That’s another reason why many businesses prefer to send our Corporate Christmas ecards because they are environmentally friendly ecards!

eco friendly ecards


Think about it; is your office energy conscious? Do you make sure lights go off, computers are off instead of on standby and you make sure you recycle? So why should your marketing efforts be any less energy conscious than your office or even your home?

Eco friendly ecards just make sense for any business conscious about waste and we don’t just mean energy, we also mean costs! It’s not just paper you are wasting with paper cards, it’s also packaging, printing the postage labels, the time needed to put it all an envelope and then petrol to deliver and the delivery service itself! Adds up quite a bit, doesn’t it?

Paper cards cost:

• Design fee

• Printing costs (Depending on paper size, quality, ink and amount)

• Delivery (of the cards to your office)

• Buying envelopes

• Printing address labels if relevant

• Postage- national and international

• As well as time spent signing cards and stuffing said envelopes.


eco friendly ecards Animated eCards cost:

• eCard design and/or customisation fee

• email design

• Pay per send if relevant

Also don’t forget you have to be conscious of time when posting. It’s a busy time for the postal service you don’t want all your efforts to be trapped in a postal backlog! With our energy conscious, customiseable ecards we can arrange a time and day with you to send. We set it all up and then when the time comes you can click that button and ‘Woooosh!’ your ecards are off! Easy.


Final Note:

energy concious ecards

So compared with Paper, animated Christmas ecards are not only measurable, clickable, follow-able, viral, shareble on social networks, cheaper,  quicker they are also more


It can be pretty easy being green. 

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