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Summer Christmas

Marketing with Christmas ecards: Why you should think about it now

Although it may be summer, it is not too early to be thinking about your Christmas eCard marketing campaigns.

‘But I’ll deal with that in the winter’ – we hear you cry through the optic fibres of the internet.

It’s true, most of our clients do contact us in November and a lot more in December, but there are many benefits to being prepared and thinking about your ecard email marketing campaign now, yes now even in Summer. How does that well known phrase go….’ The Early bird catches the worm?!’

stressFor one thing you’re not stressed. Christmas is a very stressful time of year as it is. Retailers are panicking about products and deliveries, Mangers are stressed over Holiday requests and businesses are wondering how they are going to get everything done before Christmas!  It is a busy time of year and a stressful time of year. Do you really want to add to that stress if you can avoid it? By thinking about your Christmas email/eCard marketing campaign now, you have one less thing to worry about during Christmas.


Also it gives you and us more time to get your eCard just right…

wishawish ecards
What’s great about our service is that we can make unique Christmas eCards tailored to you. We can add any text, images, logos you desire, making sure your eCard gives the right personality and tone to your clients. By working with you now, we can take the time to really understand your business, your clients and what you want to achieve from your Christmas eCard campaign.

For example do you want to increase newsletter subscriptions, increase donations, announce something, increase site traffic or simply make your clients smile!? Also, who do you want to send your eCard to and how do you want to come across? Do you want to message all clients or just a section? Do you want different eCards for different people?! Perhaps you want an eCard in multiple languages to target different international clients or a very personalised eCard to your very special clients. By taking the time we can really help you get the most from your eCard marketing campaign.

Us folk at WishAWish try our best to do more than just animate and host eCards, we really try to understand your business and your aims so your Christmas eCard is perfect for your clients and your goals. After all if a picture can say a thousand words just think how many an animated eCard can….

wishawish Christmas ecards

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Welcome to the Wishawish Blog

Hello and welcome to the new WishaWish blog.  For new visitors, here is a run down of who we are and what we do.

WishaWish are a market leader when it comes to eCards. We were the very first company to offer customisable corporate eCards and we have been going strong ever since.

We are constantly changing and adding to our design collections which are created by over 60 award winning animators and designers from all over the world.

We specialise in:

Marketing managers and company owners understand the marketing power you get with well designed and customised eCards.

We’ve created corporate Christmas eCards for a diverse range of companies over the past few years, from huge multinationals to small businesses. To read what our previous customers have said about us, read our testimonials page.

Our customers come back time and time again because they know they will get a quality affordable service. Our turn around time is quick, between 3 to 10 days. Each card gets a hosting holding page / landing page, social media links, and of course great design and customisation. You can also measure and track your eCards. Whatever you want, we always deliver.

We offer one main product with optional extras:

Custom eCard

  • Delivered in 10 working days
  • Hosting
  • Customised landing page
  • Statistic tool (only for Flash version)
  • Social network integration (if you want it)
  • A mention and a link to your favourite charity (if you want it)
  • Tweaks

This can be a flash eCard which is fully interactive and comes with embedded trackable links, or an MP4 movie file which is non-interactive but is iPhone and iPad compatible.

To learn more follow this link: Pricing for tailor made ecards

So if you are looking for Christmas e cards with company logos or branded Youtube and video eCards contact us today.

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