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Bespoke Ecards

Wishawish customisation is done by hand and by designers.
That means it looks professional giving your Ecard a bespoke feel.

Example of a finished Ecard
To see an example of a fully customised Ecard and how it is displayed on a Viewing Page - click here.

What can be customised?
1. Your logo
'Your logo here' image will be replaced with your own business logo.
2. A link
Your logo will hyperlink to your website or any page you specify.
3. Any text on the Ecard
Any text on the Ecard can be changed to your own message. So if you don’t like 'Happy Christmas' we will gladly change it to 'Season’s Greetings' or anything else.
4. Any text not on the Ecard
You want to say more? Tell us your message and we will add it to your Ecard.
5. Viewing page background colour
When appropriate we will change it to reflect your brand or website colours.
6. Charity notice
Can be anything you want and the 'money flower' logo can be in the shape of pound-sterling, dollar or euro.
7. Forward to friend
The 'Forward this to friend' button can be removed if you wish. 


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