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About Wishawish

At Wishawish we practice what we preach

As well as selling an amazingly eco-friendly product, our aim is to lower our carbon foot print as much as possible, from using carbon neutral hosting to switching our computers off when we go home and using energy efficient bulbs.

We also commit to ethical practice.
We have an international team of artists who get paid equally no matter where they live in the world. They also receive the biggest chunk of the Wishawish revenue pie and keep their work ownership.

We aim to please
There is nothing like creating something that makes someone smile, that's why all our Ecards are hand customised. Our step by step process helps us to understand your requirements to make sure we give you what you want.
We feel that this is also why in our last year's follow up survey, 100% of our customers (who filled in our survey) said:
A. They will use us again and
B. They will recommend us to their colleagues.
(that definitely made us smile :) )
Who started it all?
Wishawish was started by Yael Biran and Nikki Algar.

Yael has been making bespoke Ecards and animating online for 10 years before focusing her skills to create Wishawish. Her vision was to create a space where the animators who create the Ecards get financial recognition for their efforts (where normally it would be the design company they work for) and where through product recycling, a company could spend a fraction of their normal budget and get some amazing products.

Nikki brought her 10 years of internet expertise and eco-friendly ideas to make Wishawish Ecards perfect for 'corporate consumption', configuring tracking devices to follow up on ROI, setting up reports, smoothing online interaction and usability and sharpening up the product’s green-ability.

The result we feel, is a great product made specifically for you and beneficial to everyone, including the environment.

What’s next?
That depends on you. We are constantly evolving to give you exactly what you want and need. Any feed back you might have will be gratefully received, whether it's an Ecard category you might want to see, an Ecard idea you might have or a supporting service you think we are missing, please let us know.

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