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How it works

In 7 simple stages

On the Wishawish site:
    1. Choose your Christmas Ecard
    2. Specify your customisation options
    3. Upload your business logo
    4. Review your choices, login and pay (print invoice if you wish)
Up to 10 working days later:
    5. Receive the link to your completed customised Ecard
Whenever you want:
    6. Send Emails to your contacts
    7. Follow up and ROI assessment

If you want to see some examples, click through to our Case Studies.

1. Choose your Christmas Ecard
Browse the Wishawish Ecard collection and find an Ecard design that you like (remember that all messages can be changed so don't be put off by an Ecard that says 'Happy Christmas' if you would prefer it to say 'Season's Greetings').

If you have a few options that you would like to show to some people in order to help you decide you can 'add to wish list' (find the wish-list options on the right hand side in your green log-in section, under your shopping cart). This option will save your selected items in one place and you can go directly to view them by clicking 'view wish list' at any time. Select the Ecard design you like by clicking the 'see details' (to see the Ecard play) or 'buy now'.

2. Specify your customisation options
This is where you get to tell us everything we need to know to make sure your Ecard looks how you want it to. After you clicked to the page with your chosen Ecard animation on it, scroll down to find these options under the actual Ecard animation. Simply tick, select from a drop down or type in your choices.
If you are not sure about something, click the red question mark to get a popup with a short description about the feature's purpose. Use the big text box to specify anything extra you want us to consider. When you are done click the 'add to cart' button.

3. Upload your business logo
Now you are on the page to upload your logo. If you have your logo ready, upload your image file now using the brows facility to locate the file on your system. If you haven't got the image at this point but want to carry on with the purchase, simply click the 'Will Email Image Later' and skip this stage.
Please remember to email us your logo later as we can only start customisation once we have received it.

4. Review your choices, login and pay (print invoice if you wish)
Once all your options are selected the system will list them for you to review. Then, if you haven't already, you will have to login with your username and password. If you haven't got your login info yet, simply click to register. Fill in your details and once you finish, you will be taken back to your shopping cart.

When all this is done you can pay for the Ecard online using a credit or a debit card. We use Worldpay and Paypal for our secure online payment processing. Our pricing is very clear; you can click here to read all about it. There are no hidden costs!

After payment is accepted you can print off your invoice. However, this invoice will also be automatically emailed to you confirming your purchase.

5. Receive the link to your completed customised Ecard
Within 10 working days your Ecard will be expertly customised by one of our designers (or within 3 days if you chose the more expensive premium service). We then place the Ecard on a holding page on our server (corporate-ecards.com) and supply you with a link to your Ecard e.g. www.corporate-ecards.com/05/wishawish  

6. Send emails to your contacts
Once your Christmas Ecard is ready you can send the link to all your contacts. If you run your own Email Marketing campaigns, your provider will be able to manage this on your behalf. Alternatively click here to see our preferred DIY and managed Email Marketing Service Providers.

We will be happy to send you a static jpeg or gif  image of your customised Christmas Ecard with your logo, similar to the one on the right, for you to add to your Email as a clickable link to take your readers from your Email to your Ecard page.
example ecard link

7. Follow up and ROI assessment
Your Ecard is live and being viewed and enjoyed. Now you can follow its progress. On the home page of Wishawish you will find 'client login' link. Type your user name and the password you used when registering and go to your reports panel. There you can choose to view statistics about the people that viewed your Ecard - how many, what days, what time and where they're from in the world - as well as statistics about the people who clicked your Logo in order to view your website.

After that?
Please let us know if you think we can improve our service in any way.

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