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Corporate Christmas eCards
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Examples of customised Christmas eCards

To give you a better understanding of what we mean by customising to a bespoke, tailor made feel click the thumb nails here to the right to see examples of fully customized e Cards we have made for various companies.

Next to the fully customised animation you will also have a link to see what the original 'generic' eCard looked like on our website before our designers and animators got their hands on it. Enjoy. (We did)

What customers report

  • Marketing managers who have to get the approval of a decision maker find it a lot easier to explain their strategy and get approval and funding super quick.
  • People across the board really loving the result
  • Customers and colleagues emailing to comment about the eCard
  • eCards being shared on social media sites
  • Contacts commenting about green credentials and charity support.

What's included with an eCard

  • A fantastic eCard customised by hand with your brand in mind.
  • Unlimited tweaks
  • Unlimited sends
  • Hosting of your eCard online on a branded page
  • Free analytics tool for your page
  • Free links and logo promotion for your chosen Charity or Charities.
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Money back guarantee
  • There are also many supporting extras - Click here for the full list

What's so special about Wishawish?

  • Outstanding quality
  • Level of customisation – We change colours, add elements, animate logos, add multilingual greetings, change sound, message or anything else you want. Your eCard will be unique!
  • Variety – A team of over 60 animators from all over the world each one of them creating in their own style.
  • Us! – We want you to love your eCard and we are here to help, advise and listen. We have bags of experience when it comes to Christmas eCards.
  • The extras – We offer a vast set of supporting extras specifically for an eCard campaign.

So who is it for?

Here is a partial list of the types of clients we have had over the years. The one thing to connect this eclectic collection is their need to communicate to their contacts in a friendly, inclusive, entertaining and honest way. We have created eCards for :

• 3D rendering suppliers • Banks • Building services providers • Charities • Coal trading sector • Commercial laboratories • Construction companies • Consultants (of varying industries) • Delivery services • Energy consultants • Engineering companies • Exhibition designers • Financial institutions • Forums online • Insurance companies • IT solutions providers • Law firms • Logistics companies • Museums • Office equipment solutions • Online forums • Recruitment agencies • Retail maintenance • Retailers • Theatre companies • Trading corporations • Translation companies • Truck dealerships • Universities, schools, colleges, and other educational establishments. • Wind turbine and alternative energy related industries •
And we have even created an eCard for a company that makes special tags to go on scaffoldings. (Did you know they existed?)

And they came from all over the world as well:
• Belgium • Canada • Egypt • France • Germany • Ireland • Italy • Japan • Scotland • Singapore • UK • and the USA.